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-Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Ukey, the Vice Chancellor, MNLU Mumbai


Modifying Arbitral Awards: An Analysis of Practical Implications

By Saket Pathak and Roshni Basu, students at MNLU, Mumbai Introduction Section 34 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (“the Act”) delineates the grounds on which an arbitral award may be set aside by a Court on the application of a party. Under this Section, the Courts are empowered to review the matter’s constitutionality…

Decoding the Rise of Killer Acquisitions in India

By Abhimanyu Pathania and Mansi Subramaniam, students at Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar Introduction Consolidation is the way forward for any business in any industry. However, at times because of this goal, some companies become extremely dominant, depleting the consumers’ choice at the end of the day. One method of achieving this market dominance is acquiring…

Spotlight at Google’s Abuse of Dominant Position in the Android Mobile Ecosystem

By Sakshi Sharma, student at NLIU Introduction The Competition Act 2002 (Hereinafter referred as ‘Act’) aims to check the agreements which are likely to produce an appreciable adverse effect on competition within India. It provides that imposing unfair condition(s) in the sale by an enterprise or making the conclusion of the contract subject to unrelated…